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Human being is a factory of dreams. Dreaming is like to be alive. But why some people can not accomplish one s dreams? They are always sick or undergo financial difficulties. By Randy Gage s best seller Why You re Dumb, Sick,& Broke he discloses how he succeeded in the endeavor of his life. Even though not completing high school and also had to wash dishes for sometime in his life he became, in fact, an innovator by means of his ideas to reach his goals.

Thanks to Ricardo Guimarães, an enterprise man who has good relations with our interviewed author, our site Relax Mental is pleased to present his opinion on behalf of our enquires.

RM: Mr. Gage, do you know precisely when you turned from victim to agent of your own happiness, the owner of your own destiny?

It was when my restaurant was seized and auctioned off by the government for debts. I decided then I couldn t live that way any longer. I decided to stop being a victim.

RM: Tell us how did you start in the art of writing that became a best seller? Is there any routine, time or day to write?

I always like to write first thing in the mornings. That is when I usually do my blogs. But when I write books I like to go someplace like Key West and lock myself away for a week or so and write all day and night.

RM: Is there any idea of your next book?

My next book is titled, Making the First Circle Work and it is for people in Network Marketing. It is in final editing now and should be out in a month or two. The next book after that is about how to prosper in the new economy.

RM: Some succeeded icons became depressed or drug consumers after reaching popularity. Do you believe that fame can impair such persons?

I think it can if you lose your perspective. It s important that you have people around you that tell you the truth, are real, and won t pander to you.

RM: Nowadays, the ever demanding way of living, pollution and the dreadful media can expose persons to stress, as stress can lead to psychosomatic and psychological distresses. How do you manage to relax your day by day?

I get enough sleep.I don t set an alarm clock so I don t wake up until I finish sleeping. I eat fairly healthy and take supplements so that helps as well.Each morning begin with cardio exercise which burns stress and I play a lot of softball. Getting out to exercise regularly relaxes and clears your mind, leaving you fresh for work again.

RM: You describe the Seven Universal Laws that conduct to prosperity. One amongst them is the forgiveness law. Now, why is it so difficult to forgive someone who has prejudiced someone else?

We sometimes want to hold onto being a victim. If we can feel like we ve been wronged we can get satisfaction from that. You have to decide to let go of that to forgive someone.

RM: How would you describe yourself in a few words?

Just your average sex-crazed, Libertarian, softball-addicted, intellectual, Sci-Fi freak, serious, comic book-reading, Renaissance man.

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Congratulations on being one of the people into personal growth. I wish you much peace and prosperity!

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Randy Gage, the author of the following books:
Why You re Dumb, Sick, Brok And How to Get Smart, Healthy Rich, Prosperity Mind, The 7 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, 101 Keys to Your Prosperity, Accept Your Abundance, 37 Secrets About Prosperity, and How to Build a Multi-L

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